Simple ways to install phpmyadmin in slackware

Posted: September 4, 2009 in Slackware

i have googling about 4 5 hours only to get a simple way to install phpmyadmin in slackware.

here the tutorial :


mkdir /downloads

cd /downloads

first download phpmyadamin for slackware or tar.gz

$ wget


$ wget


download needed aplications Mcrypt and LibMcrypt for slackware

$ wget

$ wget

if needed you have to install zlib

$ wget


use pkgtool or install pkg to install all necessary fail.

installpkg *

STEP 5  XTRA step

if you do not have than download it here

$ wget

and move it to your php extension directory

dont forget to put this line ” ” in your php.ini

restart apache or lighttpd

that all flok’s…

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