Accessing Your Proxy Remotely With SSH

Posted: November 30, 2009 in archlinux, Debian, Slackware

In order to use the proxy remotely, from your remote machine create an SSH tunnel to the proxy server/port:

ssh -p 22 username@ssh-server-ip -L 8080:proxy-server-ip:proxy-port -N

Where… “-p 22” is the default port of your SSH server (change it if it is different), “username” is your username on the SSH server, “ssh-server-ip” is the IP address of your remote SSH server, “proxy-server-ip” is the local IP address of your proxy server (i.e. its internal address, 192.168.1.whatever – If the SSH server and proxy server are on the same machine, use, and “proxy-port” is the… proxy port (8080 if you’ve been following along).

Now, you can go into a web browser on your remote machine, to proxy settings, and for the IP of the proxy server, type “localhost” OR “” and for the port, 8080. Your web traffic will now be tunneled across SSH to your server, then passed to your proxy server for protected surfing!




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