VAR space full? what to do?

Posted: June 8, 2010 in Freebsd

i have install freebsd on default and using default geometric hdd.

after a few hours installing needed applications on the system i saw my /VAR is

/dev/ad7s1d    1.9G    1.9G   -156M   109%    /var

what to do?

This is what i do..

cd /var

webserv# du -sk * | sort -n
0       db
0       log
0       mail
0       run
2       account
2       audit
2       empty
2       games
2       heimdal
2       preserve
2       rwho
4       crash
4       lib
4       msgs
4       tmp
6       at
6       cron
8       backups
18      spool
24      yp
48      named

than what i do is

mv db /usr/local/

mv log /usr/local/

mv named /usr/local

after move the big file i sysmlink the fail again

ln -s /usr/local/db /var/db

ln -s /usr/local/log /var/log

my problem appears with df -ih but the space is free for database and log for now…


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