freebsd : Panic: ffs_mapsearch, “ffs_alloccg: map corrupted”

Posted: July 19, 2010 in Freebsd

I have found problem with this message on sixcybercafe.

“This server/ firewall made by the most malaysian Freebsd otai MaUI.” <— sorry MaUI kawe kacau seber demo. ;p

Panic: ffs_mapsearch, “ffs_alloccg: map corrupted”

Search the solutions on internet and i found it.

I you get this problem than what you need to do is

boot on single mod or enter #4 and let the freebsd boot .

after that issude this command

# fsck -y -f

let it done his job.

boot the server and WALLA it’s done.

  1. qsecofr says:

    Thank you bro,
    really help.

    Lama dah tak guna FreeBSD.

  2. lewmin says:

    I have the same error on a 16TB Dat Optic E-Box-n, connecting to the company for support and waiting for any replies. The data on this unit is vital and need a way to backup or fix the corruption. I believe a computer on our network was creating acronis images and this nas box ran out of space. Any suggestions, or will the command work in this case. I have a screenshot that can describe the exact issue. My options are only to go into shell command…

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