“You have mail.” message received.

Posted: August 18, 2010 in archlinux, Debian, Freebsd, Slackware

Forward root mail from localhost to your gmail or whatever …

*nix server always sent email about cron or anything than you have to read it. but how …

ssh and issued this command

bsd# mail

than you can read your email. but if you wanna forward your email to gmail or yahoo or whatever.

bsd# cd /etc

bsd# pico aliases

put you email on..

# Pretty much everything else in this file points to “root”, so
# you would do well in either reading root’s mailbox or forwarding
# root’s email from here.
# root: YOUREMAILHERE@gmail.com
than issued this command
bsd# /usr/bin/newaliases
* than you will get your copy of root email.

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